Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Was Fabulous

I'm back! Back in South Korea that is and back to blogging.

 Our vacation was seriously a dream, minus Adalie's 8 days of high fever. Even with her illness it was FABULOUS! Seeing family was wonderful, spending time with our AMAZING friends at the beach was "a weekend like no other" and having 3 weeks of my Husband around 24/7 was undeniably the best part of the whole trip.

 Hub was like a different species during our 3 weeks in Florida. I even asked him a couple of times where my REAL Husband was!  Now let me clarify, James is not in any way a dead beat Dad or Husband but most wives/moms out there could always use a little more help, right? Without work consuming him he was Mr. Mom on steroids. I felt like I was on vacation from Motherhood! He helped with Adalie so much and paid attention to my every need. Oh yes, I could get use to this! 

This proves to me that when he says "I'm sorry hun, I'm just stressed from work" it really isn't an excuse it's the truth. Which means I might need to give him a little more slack then I have in the past. I need to be more appreciative of the MANY sacrifices he makes daily to support us. AND we need to go on vacation more often!

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Grams said...

You are the best. You appreciate and give of yourself like a true wife and mother. I love you! I'm glad you're back, blogging, that is.