Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas was not the same without James this year but we made the best of our time apart but missed him very much! Next year we will be together again!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vintage McCotter Kids!

Remember the holidays when you were a kid? Not being able to sleep the night before "Santa comes" waking up early for yummy breakfast treats and stockings, huge piles of wrapping paper to jump in! Ahhh, what fun days they were and still are now that I get to relive it all through Adalie's wide eyes.

Those days would not have been as AMAZING without my wonderfully fun & crazy siblings Clancy, Mattie and Lily. Oh how I love the memories and this picture makes them all flood back...... life would not be as sweet without the three of you in my life. I love you!

More to come,


P.S. I was considering Adalie being an only child.... this picture, plus the memories may have changed my mind. How could I deprive her of all the fights & fun!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Employed!

Hello Blog Readers,

That's right I've got a job.I'm the new Studio Manager at CJ Photography. I was so blessed to have found Caroline to shoot my wedding 3 years ago. Caroline and I became friends beyond business and I continued to follow and admire her work. I am so excited to now be on the CJ Photographer team and spread her fantastic, amazing art to new Brides EVERYWHERE! Here is her introduction of me that I lifted from her blog......

Meet Meghan... my new new Whipcracker... Studio Manager

I am so excited to welcome Meghan Darlson to the Caroline Johnson Photography team. Meghan and I go way back...3 1/2 years ago to be exact. It was when the ladies of Solutions Bridal introduced us when Meghan was first engaged and residing in Gainesville, Florida while attending University of Florida and pursuing a English and MRS. degree... If you are not sure what that means you'll have to ask her for a good laugh. I'm so grateful for having made that connection so many years ago!

I have photographed just about everyone in her family and they are all as beautiful on the inside and outside. She understands my business and has been such an avid fan of my art.

Meghan is your new go to person and studio liaison. She will be the Backbone and Whipcracker to get you orders faster than ever along with handling the scheduling, promoting and marketing the Caroline Johnson Photography experience among vendors and clients.

In addition to one-million-and-one other exciting tasks on her plate, she balances her roles as Mother to the adorable 18 month old Adalie Cavanaugh and Wife to James a handsome Air force Pilot. She is traveled and shares a tremendous amount of business acumen. After being raised in a family of entrepreneurs she now carries on the tradition as she joins the Caroline Johnson Photography team. She is such a delight and I know you will adore her as much as I do

Please welcome Meghan Darlson the newest member of the Team! - Caroline

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's been awhile...

Hello Blog Followers,

Are there any of you left? I have been a bad, bad blogger the last few months! But I have a good excuse, actually several! We moved cross country AGAIN, this time Tucson, AZ. to Titusville, Florida. James left for his 1 year remote tour in S. Korea which means I'm a SAH single Mom for now. Addie started a 2 day a week preschool program. I'm still running and working out regularly and am taking up tennis and golf. I'm also working on a job opportunity which I have a meeting about tomorrow! More details on that to come...

In the middle of all this change is a precious 1 and a half year old that is now on the go at an alarming rate. As we speak she is tugging at me to play guitar with her. So blogging has been on the back burner. I will try to do better, especially for James so he can see his baby girl and hear about our daily adventures.

More to come,


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Our Traveling Buddies: The Grebs & The Myers

Grand Canyon



James looking over the vast beauty of the Canyon

The Darlson Clan

Over Labor Day weekend we traveled 4 hours north to the Grand Canyon/ Sedona area. We rented a house with our friends Tim, Celia and Sam Grebs and Ryle and Lauren Myers. We had a wonderful time being together and seeing the beauty of northern Arizona. We all feel very blessed to be assigned to Tucson and be able to see these remarkable views.
On Monday Celia and I did our last long run before the marathon. We marked out a 10 mile route but our route changed when we ran into a herd of free range cattle blocking the road! Always an adventure....

Monday, August 31, 2009

Training: Week 5

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 2 mile sprints, legs & abs

Wednesday- 5 miles

Thursday- 45 mins bike, upper body & abs

Friday- 5 miles

Saturday- 2 mile sprints & abs

Sunday- Rest

Monday- 10 miles

Well, we are almost there! The race is in 14 days! I'm thankful it's right around the corner.... as much as I am enjoying the challenge my body is getting tired. BUT I am very happy to report that we have not suffered any injuries so far. Keep your fingers crossed....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Training: Week 4

This has been a tough week for Celia and I to run together because James and Tim have had to go into work so early and of course we can't leave the Babes in bed with no parents home. So we have been treadmilling it more than usual... here's my week.

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 3 miles treadmill, lower body workout

Thursday- 3 miles treadmill, upper body workout

Friday- 3miles treadmill, Total body and abs

Saturday- 5.5 miles in 50 minutes :)

Sunday 8.5 miles (with hills ugh)

15 months: Look What I Can Do!

Adalie can do Lot's of new things now that she's a TODDLER! Here are a few...

Walk! Hold Mommies hand while she walks (I love this)

Talk! She says, Momma, Daddy, Hi, Bye, No, Jack-Jack, Happy, Baby, Kiss

She has some new favorite toys. Baby Dolls, Teddy bear that tells Nursery Rhymes, Coloring, Books, simple puzzles and Bubbles.

She likes to answer the phone even if it's not ringing :) and she pretends remotes are phones too.

She enjoys patting other children on the back. Especially if they are crying.

She is feeding herself with a fork and spoon. Her favorite pastime during meals is throwing food errrrr!

She loves to dance! Anytime she hears music she feels the need to shake that booty :)

She gives headbutts, high fives, kiss and hugs when asked.

She is holding her breath under water at the pool and jumping to us from the side.

That's all I can think of for now..... as you can see my baby is growing up and doing so many new things..... hmmm I think I might need to start thinking about my next one soon :) More to come on that.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Training: Week 3 (1 month till the half)

Celia & I at the top of Sabino Canyon!

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 2 miles sprint intervals, lower body weight workout & abs

Wednesday- 3.5 miles

Thursday- 25 mins bike, upper body weight workout & abs

Friday- 4.5 miles

Saturday- 30 mins bike, 1 mile @ 8 mins on Treadmill

Sunday- 7.7 Miles in Sabino Canyon (the hills kicked my butt, thank goodness for my running partner Celia who kept me going! She's a hill GODDESS!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Girls Wear Big Girl PJ's

Gone are the days of footed pajamas! Adalie has graduated to big girl two piece PJ's. For some of you out there this may seem like no big deal but for me it just reaffirms the fact that my baby is growing up and becoming a little girl. Of course, she will always be my baby :) Hurray for not having to wrestle her into those footed PJ's with 20 snaps!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Training: Week 2

Monday- 3.5 mile run

Tuesday- 20 mins bike, lower body & abs

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- 4.5 mile run

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 1.5 miles treadmill, 20 mins bike, upper body& abs

Sunday- 6.5 mile run

Friday, August 7, 2009


Training Week 1 (last week)

Monday- Elliptical and abs

Tuesday- 3 miles, legs and abs

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- 3.5 miles, Upper body workout

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 5.5 miles

Sunday- 25 mins on bike and abs

Now that my friend Celia has moved to Tucson I have my running partner back! She is also going to Chicago for to run the half with Claire and I! It has been so much easier to get motivated and get out of bed at 5am to beat the Arizona heat. Thanks Celia I need your help. If you are wanting to start a training program or just run for exercise I HIGHLY suggest a running partner it makes a huge difference for me.

It's been awhile...

Well Hello Again,

So, I know it's been a month, maybe two since I've blogged about anything. We have been very busy traveling to IRELAND, spending time in Florida and in general just being busy. Blogging was much easier and more frequent when Adalie was a little thing that slept for hours and only woke up to be fed.

Life with Adalie is very different now. We are usually out of the house from 9am till 12 or 1 doing activities like Splash pads, the zoo and various play dates. Adalie is also napping only 1 time a day now. As you other Mommies know that doesn't leave much time for blogging. SO please forgive me?

I will try to catch up by posting pictures from our trips, blogging about my half marathon training and of course a video of my little one WALKING!! .There are also BIG CHANGES coming up for our family. As you know we are always on the move, our next move will be home to Florida in October where Adalie and I will be living for the year. In November we will say Goodbye to James as he heads off to South Korea for his 1 year remote tour.

Lots to come,


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Getting Ready to get on the air plane!
Irish sea, and the big castle in the middle is Bono's
Powers Court, a old castle

Roses at Powers Court. The most beautiful
and fragrant I've ever seen

A small cottage in Dalkey that I loved
passing by on the way to town

The main drag of Dalkey
Adalie and I in the Japanese Garden
of Powers Court

Looking over the Irish Sea
Us Girls out for Lily's 18th Birthday
Lily and I at her Birthday Brunch
@ Dalkey Castle
A Mother Daughter Birthday Toast

Looking over the harbor of Hoth
Marmie helping Adalie walk
A beautiful, sunny (rare) day in Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here are some pictures from Adalie's birthday party. She had two parties one in Tucson and another in Titusville. Lucky girl!