Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hello Blog Followers,

It has been pointed out to me that I am slacking in the blogging department. I realize this is upsetting to many of you who want to see Adalie grow through pictures from afar. Please bear with me as I will try to update as often as I can.

I must tell you that life with a 7 month old is much different then life with an infant. Addie is now only taking 2 naps a day that last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. This doesn't leave much time for blogging. I am lucky if I get a shower before James comes home from work. Adalie is an independent child but only in spurts she usually is in my arms unless she is sleeping.... another reason blogging is less doable these days. I promise to take lots of pictures of Addie's first Christmas and will post more pictures as soon as I can.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mugshots with Mattie and Kevin

We took Mattie and our friend Kevin to Starkville, MS. to eat at a restaurant called Mugshots. Kevin is a friend of ours from Gainesville. He just started pilot training here in Columbus. OK, so anyways, people around here rave about Mugshots burgers so we thought we would give it a whirl. Turns out they are really good! There was a burger on the menu that was called the "nutty burger" you could chose either crunchy or smooth peanut butter to top or burger. .... YUCK! We were boring and stuck with the traditional bacon burgers.

Aunt Mattie is Here!!

This Message Approved by Adalie C. Darlson

This is a video Aunt Mattie took of Adalie today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Milestone Update!

ROLLY POLLY! Our little girl is Finally rolling over at 5 1/2 months. I have a feeling crawling won't be to far behind. Maybe by Christmas. Last night she rolled over from her tummy to her back and this morning she rolled over from her back to her belly.
Almost rolling over.....

Whoa! I just rolled over!!

Sammy and Addie Have A Date!

Our good friends and nieghbor's Tim and Celia have a 3 month old Son, Sammy. We are trading babysitting nights so that each couple can go out and have a date nights. This is such a great set up that I would highly recommend to any young family trying to save money. We had a great time watching the babies interact with each other. Celia and Tim went to a halloween party as The Flinstones. Don't they look great?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallloween with the Joyner's

I went to Nashville Thursday - Saturday to spend some time with the Joyner Family. Here are the pics of Annelise, Coralyn and Adalie after trick or treating. Don't the looking smashing? Annelise is a fairy, Cora is a goldfish and Addie is a chicken. They were so adorable!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Few New Pictures.

Happy Halloween! I'm an Owl.
Thanks Aunt Mattie!

I love sleeping on my
Daddy's strong chest.

My Dog Jack makes THE BEST
foot rest :)

I love having my morning coffee with Daddy
it really gives me a jump start on my day.

This is just me being cute.
Oh and I am holding weight on my legs.
I am getting stronger!

Fall Has Come

As I sit down to write this post it is 53 degrees outside and we have our heat on for the first time. I wasn't too excited about the cold weather coming this year because I was remembering what last fall was like, TERRIBLE. This time last year I was 2 months pregnant and feeling sick everyday. I would drag myself out of my warm cozy bed into the cold morning air to take Jack out to "shout" (go pee) and barely making it back to the house before throwing up the saltines I had just eaten. I remember trying to get myself bundled up and looking less like death to get to work by 7:30am. Trying to teach, entertain and discpline twelve 4 year olds all wanting to do pumpkin art RIGHT NOW! This involved paint and a lot of patience that I did not have at 8:30am when I was cold, cranky and on the verge of puking up the oatmeal I had forced down. As you can see last fall was rough.

Trying to forget what was a not so fun fall season last year .......

I am getting excited feeling the crisp fall air! I love fall sweaters,

baking sweet potato pies, my beautiful Mums, even raking leaves. I am looking forward to it ALL! YEA FOR FALL!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our visit with Grandma Skipper.
Adalie's GREAT GREAT Grandma!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Memories From Grammie's House

Just Keep Swimming

Adalie had her first swim at Grandma Dorie's house
in Palm City, Florida last time we were home. She
really enjoyed it until she got hungry. We can't wait
to go back for another swim soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

With a Heavy Heart.

Bart and Katie


This has been a year of many personal losses and beautiful blessings. The above pictures are of two of the four people I have lost this year. One of which is Issac who I only know through prayer and his Mother's blog. He was born on October 7th and was with his Mommy and Daddy for 16 minutes before Jesus welcomed him home. The other picture is of Bart, who was the Best Man at our wedding and his darling fiance Katie. He was killed last month. My dear friend Caroline lost her Husband Bill in February and my friend Laura lost her longtime love Sean in July. We also lost two pilots, Matthew and Bama in a jet crash at our base 6 months ago. I have also lost my family unit or what I once thought of as the "perfect family" when my parents divorced in December. Through all this God has blessed me beyond what I deserve with a sweet baby girl. A child I cannot imagine being more perfectly and wonderfully made. I see Jesus in her smile and her unconditional love everyday.

I don't question God's existence in the world or his plans. I am secure in who He is. I don't try to understand "why" or get mad at God for taking these loved ones. But I do find my heart becoming increasingly HEAVY between the hurt I feel for those that have lost and the loss I feel within myself, it is hard to feel JOY when people are hurting. We must press on through our hurt, God is bigger then the pain. His love for us is deep and vast. I have to trust that.

I must wake up every morning and be thankful for another day I get to spend with James and being Adalie's mommy. I must never take the blessings I have been given for granted. I must live a life pleasing to my Savior and I need to show HIS love to those that do not yet know him. I want to live a life I will not regret, especially on the day I meet Jesus.

This life is fleeting. It is not our home so don't get too comfortable! Love deeply, listen intently, live in the present moment and enjoy it!

Don't worry, let it be.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some of you may not like this....

As some of you may know we have been struggling with the pronunciation of Adalie's name since she was born. James has always been fond of A-duh-lee as the pronunciation where as I have liked A-duh-li more. Well, before her birth we decided to call her A-duh-lee but it seems as if this is a hard pronunciation for people to say and read. When people see her name spelled they most usually think the pronunciation is A-duh-li. When we introduce her as A-duh-lee people get a confused look and say, what? or Natalie? No, no, no it's A-duh-lee is what I am thinking in my head. It's been frustrating.

Well, after much discussion.... more than James would liked to have had :) We have decided to pronounce her name A-duh-li. This pronunciation seems to be easier for people to say and pronounce as it is read. Hopefully, you all will get use to the new pronunciation and grow to love it as we have.

~ The D's

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Tricks

Holding her own bottle!

Mmmmm, formula.

Adalie's first feeding of

Organic Earths Best Whole Wheat Cereal

She loved it!

She is getting good at holding her head up!