Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Few New Pictures.

Happy Halloween! I'm an Owl.
Thanks Aunt Mattie!

I love sleeping on my
Daddy's strong chest.

My Dog Jack makes THE BEST
foot rest :)

I love having my morning coffee with Daddy
it really gives me a jump start on my day.

This is just me being cute.
Oh and I am holding weight on my legs.
I am getting stronger!


Anonymous said...

We love these new pics! Keep them coming, please.

Aunt M. said...

i love those picturess!! :) haha i knew you would love the wacky things i picked out. haha cant wait to see you guys. loveyou so much.

Lisa said...

These are the greatest pictures! They made me laugh and once again, miss her. I'm so glad you all will be here in a couple of weeks. Is that my yoga mat she and Jack are sleeping on? Have you all been doing yoga?

The Akins Family said...

I can't believe how big she is getting....isn't it sad how fast they grow up!

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute in her owl outfit, Mattie picked out that and it is great, i miss all of you and Jack too! is he coming to FL with you? See you soon,