Saturday, May 24, 2008

For The People Who Can't get Enough :)

Hi Folks,

Here are a few more pics from today..... including Adalie's first experience with a pacifier and James testing out the baby carrier on our other "baby" Jack! It was hilarious and Jack didn't seem to mind one bit. A big thanks to the Kiser's for bringing dinner for us, it was great!
More To Come,
The Darlson's

Adalie's First Outing.

Hi Everyone,

We all were feeling a bit of cabin fever after being stuck in the house and hospital over the past 4 days so we decided to take the baby on her first trip to Walmart! We also went over to the Behem's house for a visit and to pick up the dinner they made for us. Thanks guys, it was yummy! My Mom insisted on documenting the entire trip for your viewing pleasure...

More To Come,

Meghan, James, Lisa and Adalie

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hi Everyone,

Well, as you can tell from the pictures we our home with our little girl :) It's amazing to have her here and it already feels as if she has always been apart of our family. Adalie is such a good baby so far, she basically sleeps, eats and cuddles with us but mostly she just sleeps.

James is so in love with his little girl..... he wants to hold her and look at her nonstop. He has helped me with breastfeeding, dressing, burping, and changed ALL her diapers in the hospital. I already knew how blessed I was to be married to him but seeing James with his daughter only deepens the realization of how blessed I REALLY am.

My Mom is here in Columbus with us until June 3rd, she has been such a big help. We are enjoying being with her and seeing Adalie with her "Marmie". I might not want her to go back to Florida EVER!!

Thank you all for your prayers and support over the last 9 months and especially over the last few days. I really could feel all of your prayers and love during the labor and delivery and wish you could ALL be in Columbus with us now.

We miss you and love you,

Meghan, James and Adalie

Baby's First Bath

Coming Home Continued...

Coming home

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Pictures!!

As promised, here are some more pictures of our little girl!!