Saturday, May 24, 2008

Adalie's First Outing.

Hi Everyone,

We all were feeling a bit of cabin fever after being stuck in the house and hospital over the past 4 days so we decided to take the baby on her first trip to Walmart! We also went over to the Behem's house for a visit and to pick up the dinner they made for us. Thanks guys, it was yummy! My Mom insisted on documenting the entire trip for your viewing pleasure...

More To Come,

Meghan, James, Lisa and Adalie


Maria Gliege said...

I love the new pictures. Keep them coming. Adalie is so beautiful!!!


Wake her up!! i want to see her eyes. lol remember how many times she was opening her eyes during the ultrasound. She will be playful and I cant wait! i miss you all soo much!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures! Yes, I agree, keep the pictures coming. we can't get enough.
we love all of you. James, we hope you had a great round of golf today with your friend.
Blessings to all of you,
I don't like this name, it is too much for a little one to say. Put your thinking caps on and give me a great short name.

JAGJudd said...

Thank God for Aunt Lisa! I woke up hoping to see pics of the errand run and there they were!!!! : )
You know there's a little site called YOUTUBE and you can put little Adalie videos up if you get bored!!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

You look great Meg!!!! And she is so adorable-she looks like a doll in those pics from walmart!!! Love it-