Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th NST appt. UPDATE!


Just got back from my second doctors appt of the week, I go twice a week now once for an u/s cervix check and once for an NST (the fetal monitor that checks heart rate and fetal movement and contractions).

I saw a new doctor today and she said the NST monitoring couldn't look any better and if Adalie keeps gaining weight I could go on to full term and NOT be induced as long as everything keeps looking good and her weight gain does not plateau.

I also got them to push back my next u/s another week I don't like having so many.... so next u/s appt. to check her weight is on Monday, May 19th, I will be 37 and a half weeks at that point..... lets hope she gains at least another 14 oz. so I can argue against the induction!!

SO until Monday, May 19th we really won't know much of anything...... I will keep you updated. Let's just hope these Doctor's can agree and stop giving me different opinions, uggh!!

More to Come,


Anonymous said...

so grateful for Adalie's weight gain and pray it will continue and that she will go full term

aunt mattieeee :) said...

L love you. i cant wait to see yall's baby girl