Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 7th Doctor's APPT. update

Hi Everyone,

We just got back on Tuesday from a lovely trip to Florida. We visited with both James and I's family, went to Claire's wedding and had a baby shower thrown for us too! It was busy but so much fun. James got to play golf several times and I got to lay out in the nice Florida sun. We had such a great time we didn't want to drive back.... so we stayed an extra day :)

We went to the Doctor yesterday and had an ultrasound, Adalie gained 14 oz. in about 2 weeks time. That's almost a pound! She is weighing in at 4 pounds 2 oz. I have been warned by other Mothers that these weight estimates can be off as much as a pound, so I am taking this with a grain of salt. The Doctor said it is good that she is gaining but she is still lower than the 10th percentile, which is not so great.

They feel I have something called IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction) Which in layman's terms basically means there is something stunting her growth in the womb. It could be that the placenta is not functioning well and not getting all the nutrients to her or it could because I am small and because this is my first baby she just doesn't have enough room to grow. It could be my lack of weight gain in the first trimester due to morning sickness or the fact that I have never gotten the furious pregnant women's appetite you always hear about and maybe I don't take in enough calories.

Anyhow, all this said the Doctors feel (I have 6 of them) That because of the IUGR she may need to come out 2-3 weeks early. They say that eventually they have to weight the fact the Adalie may do better outside the womb then inside. SO this means they could induce me as early as MAY 17th!!! If she does not come before then on her own, which is also a possibility because my cervix is now soft and I am 30 % effaced so it looks like she is already getting ready to make her debut.

This was not our birth plan, we wanted to go into labor naturally and try to have a natural birth without drugs. Please pray that God gives the Doctors wisdom to advise us on what to do (induce or not) and that he gives James and I discernment about what is best for Adalie.

Thanks for keeping up with us we have another u/s on Monday and I will update again then. Scroll down to see pictures from the baby shower and Claire's wedding! I am off to get the nursery completed if she is coming early I gotta get going!!!!

More To Come,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Meggie,
Know that I am praying for you and Adalie and James. I am sorry that there was not time to cook you some veggies that you love while you were here. we have to get her started on southern cooking....minus the grease, of course.
Blessings to all of you,
We love you,