Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 week 6 day ULTRASOUND

Hi Everyone,

Well, here it is the 2nd picture of our baby! It's not as clear as the first one because the baby would not stop moving. He or She is a jumping bean, the arms and legs were flailing everywhere it was adorable. We also got to hear the heart beat which was about 150-160 beats per a min which is normal. So everything is progressing well. Our next appointment is on January 4th at 10 am and it is a BIG ONE because we will find out the sex of the baby as long as He or She is cooperating and showing their goods :) We love you all and look forward to updating you with the gender in about a month!!!!!

More To Come,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

12 week belly shot, 106LBS

Hey There,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time in Va. Beach! Here is my 12 week belly shot and a picture of our Christmas tree. We have our 12 week fetal appointment tomorrow so be on the look out for a new ultrasound posting soon.

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Do you think I am growing?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Names

Alright Ladies and Gents,

This is a post you must respond to! We need your help with baby names...... we really believe this Baby is a boy BUT you never know so here is the list. Be honest you won't hurt our feelings, promise! If you have ANY SUGGESTIONS send them!!


William Andrew Darlson (we would call him Will)
William James Darlson
Patrick Mac Darlson (we would call him Mac)
Patrick Andrew Darlson
Henley Andrew Darlson


Adalie Cavanaugh Darlson (ad-a-lee) or (ad-a-li)
Claire Cavanaugh Darlson
Ainsley Cavanaugh Dalson
Aubrey Claire Darlson ( we would use both names as her first, it's southern thing)

10.5 week belly shot! 106 lbs

Hello Everyone,
Well we have made it halfway through the 10th week with no morning sickness! I don't want to jinx myself but I think I may be over the worst of it. I haven't been sick to my stomach for about 9 days but my appetite is not back to normal yet. My food aversions are as follows: all meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, and beans. I have been living off of PB&J sandwiches, baked potatoes, cereal, crackers, applesauce, yogurt and pudding cups. I hope my appetite improves soon because this Baby needs some more variety!

James' training has been going pretty well. He has been in phase III for about 2 months now and has about 4 and a half months to go! He has soloed in the T-38 several times now and just passed his first check ride last week. So now he starts formation flying this week. He's been having a blast doing all the aerobatics so far.

We leave for Va. Beach in 9 days for the Thanksgiving Holiday with our family! We're both really looking forward to getting out of town for a few days, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones. I'm also looking forward to getting back, however, because then it's Christmas decorations time! Which actually means I'll be putting James on the roof to hang lights while I take charge from the ground :)

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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hey All,

As most of you know I went to Chicago last weekend for Claire's first bridal shower. She is getting married in Stuart, FL. on May 3rd 2008 and this was the first of many celebrations of the upcoming wedding. We had a wonderful girls weekend in the city, although I skipped out on the night time bar festivities since alcohol and smoke filled environments are not allowed for the pregnant lady! I felt great the whole trip until the morning I left to come back to Columbus. I think my body was rejecting the thought of going back to Mississippi because on the way to the airport for my return flight I started vomiting and it continued the whole day! OH the joys of pregnancy....
Next up is our trip to Virginia Beach for Thanksgiving, we are so excited to see family and be together for the holiday. We have been homesick over the last month and we are in desperate need of a trip to see family. Not to mention James needs a break from pilot training.

More To Come,