Saturday, May 22, 2010

Peace Out

This beautiful print can be bought here!

We are out of here! Headed back to the states in 6 hours!! I just realized last night that this is our first flight together as a family. That's pretty astonishing when I think of all the places Adalie & I have flown together. AZ to FL, AZ to CHI town, FL to Ireland, FL to S. Korea, etc.!

I'm very thankful that this time around we get to fly together. Because YES I will need/want the help. I might even get some sleep? Nah, probably not. 

If you think of us please say a prayer for safe, easy travel. Blog you later :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

This or This?


In general I consider myself a health conscious person.
But some of the food choice's I have been making that I thought were "healthy" are actually NOT that great for you. 

After reading "In The Defense of Food" and doing some research I realized I could make better choices for myself and my family. The basic philosophy behind the book (and my new way of thinking) is for us as a nation to get back to the way our Great Grandparents or even Great Great Grandparents ate. Which means eating WHOLE FOOD's

I think we have forgotten what really food even is... if it is processed, has a chemical compound, artificial flavoring or any other food like substance in it then YOUR NOT EATING REAL FOOD! Your ingesting something that was conceived in a laboratory not out of the ground as God intended us to eat.

OK, OK let me get of my high horse. Because I AM SO GUILTY of eating chemically engineered food as well. But I'm changing that! I'm not saying I'm never going to eat a Twinkies again (oh wait, I haven't eaten those since I was in 4th grade). What I am trying to do is make small changes in my everyday life to eat REAL food.

Who's with me?

The left side are things I'm giving up. The right side are what I'm picking up instead! Now the veggies might confuse you.... What I am attempting to do is buy organic home grown fresh produce instead of packaged veggies from the grocery.



We had a very small get together here in Korea for Adalie's 2nd Birthday. We will celebrate again next week in Florida with the family!

Daddy LOVE

It was 5 months before these two were reunited! That's along to be without your Daddy when your not even 2 yet! Here's a few picture of the last few months in Korea. Adalie is definitely loving being back with her Daddy and so am I :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Adalie

This sweet girl turns 2 today!! I don't know how the time went by so quickly.... but everyday she has been on this earth with us has been more wonderful then before. We love her so much!!! God has truly blessed us with a little angel, most days :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hilarious video that makes any Mom want a mini-van, sort of :) Found on my cousin Mallory's blog.


~ M

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Wednesday

I now declare Wednesdays "Random Wednesday". A day in which I will blog 5 random things that I am doing, going through, obsessing over, wanting, needing, frustrating me, etc. Basically a whole bunch of randomness. Sound fun? Well then let me get started!

1. I really enjoyed going to Buddha's birthday parade this past weekend! I brought home 5 (free) lanterns they were carrying in the parade. I think they will look adorable hung in Adalie's room over her reading corner.

2. My hair is falling out again. This happened after I stopped taking BC (the pill) when we were trying for Adalie, and after I had her. Yes, this means I am not on BC anymore :) It seems after awhile of my body thinking I'm prego (whether I really am or I am tricking it to think I am) my hair falls out when it thinks I'm not. Does that make sense? It's hormonal, gotta love hormones, ugh.

3. We leave for Florida in 6 days! This time I am not dreading the 24+ hours of travel because Hubs is coming with me!! I'm so excited to be with him everyday, all day for 3 weeks! No work!

4. I am impatiently waiting for my iMac to get here. I have so many cool images from our 2 months in South Korea. I cannot wait to finally share them with you..... come on USPS get a move on it.

5. Adalie has gone from calling us Momma & Dada to Mommy and Daddy. I know in 6-10 years  we will be Mom and Dad. It's little things like this that change and I realize she is not a baby anymore! The last 2 years went by sooooo quick!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lighting & Stuff

Im loving the idea of these pendant's from Restoration Hardware over our kitchen island. They will go great with the clean, bright look we want! Thanks Shannon For finding them!

Another inspirational white kitchen.

This rug is divine. I'm not sure if the color will work in our living room but I love the style! Image from flourish design + style


Any other Momma's dealing with a picky eater? I sure am! Adalie, my almost 2 year old (on Thursday!!) is picky about textures and is not a fan of foods that contain protein. In a attempt to boost her calorie, protein and veggie in take I tried smoothies and it worked!! She is now eating raw spinach, broccoli, tofu and other healthy stuff without even knowing it! Yes, I am sneaky :)Oh and I enjoy the smoothies too. It's a quick healthy lunch for a Mom on the go.


1 cup Organic Vanilla Yogurt

1/2 cup Organic Whole Milk

1 cup Organic Raw Spinach (stems removed)

1 cup whole Organic Strawberries (frozen)

1/3 cup Organic Blueberries (frozen)

1/2 ripe Organic Banana

2 TBS soft Tofu

1 TBS Flax Seeds

1 scoop protein powder

***All measurements are approximate, I don't really measure. Just dump & blend***


I'm LOVING Etsy! I could spend a month's rent in one day! For those of you have not experienced the joys of the website let me explain... It's basically a collection of shops of handmade, vintage or Upcycled items. I'm loving this new trend of buying from indivduals not the big chains.

Here are my Etsy purchases so far, all are gift's except for the necklace. That was my Mother's Day gift :)click on the number's for links to the shop's where these items were found. ENJOY!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I loathe

I loathe acne! I mean HELLO, I'M 26 why am I still getting zits! You would think by looking at my face I'm 16 years old and it has gotten worse since being in South Korea. I was spared from having acne in high school, it wasn't till getting pregnant with Adalie that I really started experience frequent break outs.

I've tried so many creams, lotions, acne treatments, new face washes, prescriptions, antibiotics. Nothing really works, so far. Well I did some research and am trying a new product that seems to work for people. Exposed Skin Care acne treatment. I will report back on it's success or failure in a few weeks.

If any of you have any suggestions or successful strategies please let me know. I'm sick of wearing make-up every time I go out! I miss being fresh faced and letting my freckles show!

The Heart of a Home

So everyone says that a kitchen is "the heart of the home" and it's so true! Every time we have people over whether it's family or friends we always end up in the kitchen. This happens at my Grandparents, my Mom's, my friends, it's universal we all love to be where the food is.

As we are getting ready to start this venture of home building I've been thinking about my kitchen a lot.I want it to be special and comfortable since everyone is always hanging out there! And of course stylish and functional as well. Here's what I'm thinking I want.

So I would take this kitchen EXACTLY as is but I wouldn't be able to afford food to cook in it! But this is the lay out I want and we are going to do white traditional cabinets with a few of the glass cabinets to display our nicer dishes, brushed silver hardware. I'm so in love with the idea of marble counter-tops but they are out of our budget so we are looking into alternative stone that will give us the same look as marble. The pendant lighting is perfection!

James & I love the idea of painting the inside of the glass cabinets. I love this unexpected touch. We also want to have a farmhouse sink like this one.... still debating on a stainless or porcelain sink.

We are obsessed with dark wood floors!
 How awesome is the contrast between crisp white cabinetry and the dark floors?!?! LOVE

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sad Sofa

In February I bought a lovely Pottery Barn sectional. They custom make them in N.C. so it wasn't scheduled to be delivered till mid April. This just happened to be when Adalie and I would be out of the country.... and then we up and stayed!

So I have not even laid eyes on the newest addition of our family before the movers came and took her to a
Valdosta, GA. storage unit. I'm sure she is sad
in there having never met her loving new family. We will return to get her in a couple of months and boy do I have some lovely throw pillows in mind for you my dear!

And some lovely pillows to dress her...

*** found at modernthreads & PlumCushion etsy stores***

Check out my friend Shannon's blog! She is helping with all the
interior design of our future home in Valdosta.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been 2 years...

I think it's time Mommy & Daddy take a much need toddler free vaca!! In fact, I think it's overdue... We will be home in Florida for just under 3 weeks and in additon to seeing family and friends WE are going on a 2 night getaway to the Amelia Island area.

I cannot wait to lay on the beach, read and hold hands with Hubby! No strollers, toys, diapers, sippy cups,or temper tantrums allowed :) Just the sound of the ocean, the sun on my back and Hubs bringing me a mojito. How glorious is this going to be!

This is where we are staying.
Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, isn't it so cute?

And I think I need this hat & shirt
from Anthropologie for the beach...

Good Reads!

After almost 2 years I've actually finished a book! Actually 3 in 2 months! I feel like reading and motherhood are not always compatiable BUT I am making a greater effort in this area. It's also much easier to pick up a book and read when you don't have TV shows as a distraction. SO here are my FINISHED books :) I highly recommend all three.

Currently on my nightstand:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God Give Me Wisdom

     Don't you love being a Mom? But isn't it hard? Can I get an Amen? Adalie is almost 2 and pushing me, sometimes to my breaking point. We are dealing with tantrums, food battles, her using the word "no" constantly and emotional instability. James said last night, "is she bipoler" ? No, he wasn't serious BUT she goes from happy to tears in .5 seconds.

     Consistency is SO imporatant while discplining and exhausting! On the hard days with Adalie I need a nap at noon just as much as she does. All I know to do is pray for God to grant me wisdom in each moment with her. Show me when to use grace and when to use the mommy rath :) I came across some encouraging words from John Ortberg on this blog. God deals with each of us in unique and special ways. I hope to do this with Adalie, although knowing I will continuely fall short of the perfect love God has shown me.

“He had Abraham take a walk,

Elijah take a nap,

Joshua take a lap,

Adam take the rap.

He gave Moses a 40-year timeout,

He gave David a harp and a dance,

He gave Paul a pen and a scroll.

He wrestled with Jacob,

argued with Job,

whispered to Elijah,

warned Cain,

and comforted Hagar.

He gave Aaron an altar,

Miriam a song,

Gideon a fleece,

Peter a name,

and Elisha a mantle.

Jesus was stern with the young rich ruler,

tender with the woman caught in adultery,

patient with the disciples,

blistering with the scribes,

gentle with the children,

and gracious with the theif on the cross.”

by John Ortberg