Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Wednesday

I now declare Wednesdays "Random Wednesday". A day in which I will blog 5 random things that I am doing, going through, obsessing over, wanting, needing, frustrating me, etc. Basically a whole bunch of randomness. Sound fun? Well then let me get started!

1. I really enjoyed going to Buddha's birthday parade this past weekend! I brought home 5 (free) lanterns they were carrying in the parade. I think they will look adorable hung in Adalie's room over her reading corner.

2. My hair is falling out again. This happened after I stopped taking BC (the pill) when we were trying for Adalie, and after I had her. Yes, this means I am not on BC anymore :) It seems after awhile of my body thinking I'm prego (whether I really am or I am tricking it to think I am) my hair falls out when it thinks I'm not. Does that make sense? It's hormonal, gotta love hormones, ugh.

3. We leave for Florida in 6 days! This time I am not dreading the 24+ hours of travel because Hubs is coming with me!! I'm so excited to be with him everyday, all day for 3 weeks! No work!

4. I am impatiently waiting for my iMac to get here. I have so many cool images from our 2 months in South Korea. I cannot wait to finally share them with you..... come on USPS get a move on it.

5. Adalie has gone from calling us Momma & Dada to Mommy and Daddy. I know in 6-10 years  we will be Mom and Dad. It's little things like this that change and I realize she is not a baby anymore! The last 2 years went by sooooo quick!


Grams said...

I'm back to reading your blog because YOU are back. Buddha's birthday? Well, I guess, why not? They believe in Buddha, we believe in Jesus!

MCD said...

Yes, they have a parade in Seoul to celebrate his bday. I'm not really sure of the rituals but it was basically a huge parade with crazy floats... nothing like you have ever seen in USA.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo does this mean we are trying for baby #2??? :) Love you bunches and so glad you get James back for a while at least!
- Faith

whippetmom said...

hope this means there will be a happy announcement soon ;)

MCD said...

Not really "trying". Just using God's timing.

Anonymous said...

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