Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Heart of a Home

So everyone says that a kitchen is "the heart of the home" and it's so true! Every time we have people over whether it's family or friends we always end up in the kitchen. This happens at my Grandparents, my Mom's, my friends, it's universal we all love to be where the food is.

As we are getting ready to start this venture of home building I've been thinking about my kitchen a lot.I want it to be special and comfortable since everyone is always hanging out there! And of course stylish and functional as well. Here's what I'm thinking I want.

So I would take this kitchen EXACTLY as is but I wouldn't be able to afford food to cook in it! But this is the lay out I want and we are going to do white traditional cabinets with a few of the glass cabinets to display our nicer dishes, brushed silver hardware. I'm so in love with the idea of marble counter-tops but they are out of our budget so we are looking into alternative stone that will give us the same look as marble. The pendant lighting is perfection!

James & I love the idea of painting the inside of the glass cabinets. I love this unexpected touch. We also want to have a farmhouse sink like this one.... still debating on a stainless or porcelain sink.

We are obsessed with dark wood floors!
 How awesome is the contrast between crisp white cabinetry and the dark floors?!?! LOVE


The Akins Family said...

You guys are so snazzy! I love it - and you have a child. My mind doesn't think like this b/c I keep thinking....the kids would get this messy (like the WHITE WHITE cabinets!) I can't wait to see it when it is being built!

Tiffany Bradke said...
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Tiffany Bradke said...

Isn't all the planning so fun! I've been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out how to decorate our new house. So nice you get to start from scratch (but a lot of work and decisions to make I'm sure!). We currently just have cheapy, orange-y god-awful oak cabinets in the the white, may make Brian paint them temporarily until he gets around to building new ones (of course, like we don't have enough going on!). And LOVE the idea of painting the insides. I would never have thought of that. I'm obsessed with really dark hardwood floors too..but kind of concerned about them showing every bit of dust and piece of pet hair. Can't wait to come visit your new place and see you guys! You have such great taste, it's going to be amazing!

mallory said...

Cousin I love your inspiration pics! I am doing something VERY similiar with our kitchen in our new house, I'll post pictures of it when it's done. Can't wait to watch your house unfold :)

Lindsey said...

Ikea has a nice white porcelain farmhouse sink for a pretty good price, if you hadn't seen it. At least, they did a few years ago when friends of ours did their kitchen. Love the plans so far!

Lindsey said...
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MCD said...

Elizabeth- White cabinets wipe clean quickly! Even though we have a (almost) 2 year old I vowed I would not let her run it! I believe in having designated kids areas and washable surfaces without having to sacrafice my style.

Tiffany- Some white paint, updated hardware and maybe a new counter top eventually would surely give a dated kitchen a quick , low budget update.

Mallory- I cannot wait to see your progress. What material are you using for counter tops?

Lindsey- I'm def. going to check Ikea for the sink! I even like the cabinets they sell. Our builder only uses 1 custom cabinet guy so he will build those from scratch.

mallory said...

Megs, we are using "Kashmir White" Granite you can google it to see pics. It's the closest look to a marble granite we could find. Our inspiration kitchen is the one from the blog "Young House Love" It's very similar to the kitchen in your picture. I'll post pics as soon as we are finished!