Saturday, May 22, 2010

Peace Out

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We are out of here! Headed back to the states in 6 hours!! I just realized last night that this is our first flight together as a family. That's pretty astonishing when I think of all the places Adalie & I have flown together. AZ to FL, AZ to CHI town, FL to Ireland, FL to S. Korea, etc.!

I'm very thankful that this time around we get to fly together. Because YES I will need/want the help. I might even get some sleep? Nah, probably not. 

If you think of us please say a prayer for safe, easy travel. Blog you later :)


Maria said...

oh girl, so happy you are flying home and feeling the pain of that flight for you!!!
praying for safety and a peaceful kiddo on your flight!! thanks for your honesty about adalie, it definantly helps me to feel not along and if i find some effective tips ill be sure to send them your way!!
have a great trip

Anonymous said...

Hello :D

We're a couple of girls fromm Singapore and we wish you safe passage and enjoyable flight wherever you go ;) GOD BLESS YOU SISTER!

P.S. Your daughter is SUPER cute!! (sorry about the stalker tone :P) and your job is super cool!