Friday, May 21, 2010

This or This?


In general I consider myself a health conscious person.
But some of the food choice's I have been making that I thought were "healthy" are actually NOT that great for you. 

After reading "In The Defense of Food" and doing some research I realized I could make better choices for myself and my family. The basic philosophy behind the book (and my new way of thinking) is for us as a nation to get back to the way our Great Grandparents or even Great Great Grandparents ate. Which means eating WHOLE FOOD's

I think we have forgotten what really food even is... if it is processed, has a chemical compound, artificial flavoring or any other food like substance in it then YOUR NOT EATING REAL FOOD! Your ingesting something that was conceived in a laboratory not out of the ground as God intended us to eat.

OK, OK let me get of my high horse. Because I AM SO GUILTY of eating chemically engineered food as well. But I'm changing that! I'm not saying I'm never going to eat a Twinkies again (oh wait, I haven't eaten those since I was in 4th grade). What I am trying to do is make small changes in my everyday life to eat REAL food.

Who's with me?

The left side are things I'm giving up. The right side are what I'm picking up instead! Now the veggies might confuse you.... What I am attempting to do is buy organic home grown fresh produce instead of packaged veggies from the grocery.



Grams said...

Very encouraging. Thank you. Like why do we buy into the idea of margarine which is all chemicals, even called heart healthy, when butter is natural! I'm trying, too.

Amelia said...

Great post Meghan! We've been changing our ways here as well, shopping at farmers markets that support local farmers, limiting processed foods (of course having celiac made me start watching what i was eating already), and just being mindful of what we eat, where it's from, and when we eat it (eating seasonally is difficult, but so important!
In defense of food is on my library list, and i'm just finishing reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - another great read!

As for organics, they started out great, but have also been taken into the mainstream, which is good and bad- you may want to google organic milk ratings - it'll show you which dairy brands are truly the best (organic, free-range, grass-fed, no hormones, humanely treated, etc. (and FWIW, Free-Range has been twisted quite a bit as well from it's original meanings)).
Anyways - good luck and enjoy- i'm really having fun meeting local farmers, eating fresh, in season produce, eggs, and meat. We're even thinking of maybe trying to raise some chicks next year for eggs.

All this to say what you're doing is so important and so great for your whole family.

The Coleman's said... is a good website to find organic meat and things on your area. Also, we just started getting organic produce delivered to our house through Full Circle Farms. I think they stick to the west coast, but my sister in law found a few similar services in FL after I told her we were doing it.