Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 week 6 day ULTRASOUND

Hi Everyone,

Well, here it is the 2nd picture of our baby! It's not as clear as the first one because the baby would not stop moving. He or She is a jumping bean, the arms and legs were flailing everywhere it was adorable. We also got to hear the heart beat which was about 150-160 beats per a min which is normal. So everything is progressing well. Our next appointment is on January 4th at 10 am and it is a BIG ONE because we will find out the sex of the baby as long as He or She is cooperating and showing their goods :) We love you all and look forward to updating you with the gender in about a month!!!!!

More To Come,


greatgranseddings said...

dear meggie pie and james,
i gazed at our baby with the magnifying glass and he/she is beautiful!
as for a name, i always like the firstborn son to be named for his dad. my preference is william james,both names having powerful meaning. i am still pondering girl names. so happy you are doing well.
we love you,Greatgrans eddings

JAGJudd said...

Sooo fun!!! :) Can't wait until Jan 4th! We've allready started to collect stuff for the little peanut!! Now we'll know what color to pick besides white! :)