Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been awhile...

Well Hello Again,

So, I know it's been a month, maybe two since I've blogged about anything. We have been very busy traveling to IRELAND, spending time in Florida and in general just being busy. Blogging was much easier and more frequent when Adalie was a little thing that slept for hours and only woke up to be fed.

Life with Adalie is very different now. We are usually out of the house from 9am till 12 or 1 doing activities like Splash pads, the zoo and various play dates. Adalie is also napping only 1 time a day now. As you other Mommies know that doesn't leave much time for blogging. SO please forgive me?

I will try to catch up by posting pictures from our trips, blogging about my half marathon training and of course a video of my little one WALKING!! .There are also BIG CHANGES coming up for our family. As you know we are always on the move, our next move will be home to Florida in October where Adalie and I will be living for the year. In November we will say Goodbye to James as he heads off to South Korea for his 1 year remote tour.

Lots to come,


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