Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Wednesday

1)  Our suitcases are STILL packed. I'm hoping to get around to unpacking and starting the laundry that will certainly take at least 3 full days to complete. Here in Korea we only have one machine that washes AND dries. It's insane how one load takes about three hours to dry! This is why I wear my jeans at least 5 times before washing. I know it's gross.

2)  I love when Hubby gets up before me and makes the coffee. I swear it tastes better. Just like when I eat out I think it's better too. I'm sure it's only because I am not the one doing the work! When I was young I use to swear water ALWAYS tasted sweeter from my Mother's cup. Strange?

3)  I'm in a ongoing personal debate (and with a friend) on the pro's and con's of spanking. Adalie is 2 and has maybe had 8 spankings in her life.... 3 of which were about 2 weeks ago. I see a vast improvement in her behavior and how she is listening to our direction since the spankings BUT there is a lot of negative talk about spanking. What are your thoughts?

4)  I'm very thankful for that friend who I get into heated debates with :) I really feel we all need friends you can be 100% real with. SHE IS ONE OF THOSE. We definitely do not agree on everything but I think we challenge each other in ways that are positive. And at the end of the day we can leave the debate at the door and still love and respect each other. I THANK GOD FOR YOU!

5)  I'm very disappointed to tell you I was a TERRIBLE picture taker on our vacation! I think it's time to invest in a camera bag. My camera is so heavy I often leave it behind because of the bulk and then I'm always sad I don't have pictures to remember the occasion. I'm thinking one of these would be fun & useful...


Megan said...

Amen to #2!!! Thats my fave way to start the day

Tiffany Bradke said...

So glad to hear you had such a great trip home and are back safely! No baby news yet :(

Do you have one of those little pocket size digital cameras for quick trips? I'd love to have my giant SLR with me at all times, but, you're right..sometimes it's just a pain to carry it around but I don't want to miss certain moments either.

Only speaking from experience as a little girl not a Mommy (yet)...I don't have any problems with spanking under certain conditions. If that's someone's only discipline tool, that's a major problem and would probably quickly lose effectiveness. But I still clearly remember some of the times I was spanked..and that I was actively trying to push the limits at the time..and never did it again. Brian says the same about his experiences. In my (biased) opinion..I think we turned about pretty well with no long term damage. Good luck with your 2 year old...I'll happily let you figure out all the tricks and teach me later! :)

whippetmom said...

check out Kelly Moore's bags- that's my next "business" purchase ;)