Monday, June 30, 2008

What an Honor!

My cousin Michelle is getting married on September 20th and she has been working on what type of flowers and arrangements she wants for her wedding. Yesterday I went to her house to pick up Adalie (thanks for babysitting Michelle) she was showing me all the gorgeous arrangements she had done HERSELF. You see we don't have many options when it comes to wedding vendors in these parts and she was frustrated with the florists they had interviewed so she decided to see what she could do on her own......
Who knew she was so talented in the floral department! I wish I had known this before my wedding I would have hired her. The arrangement in the picture is the one she gave me yesterday to take home and attached was a card that said "Be my Matron of Honor" I of course said yes!! What an honor it is to be apart of such an amazing union between Judd and Michelle. Very rarely do you find a couple that complete each other and have as much fun together as these two. I can't wait till the wedding!

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ClaireWilliams said...

Pretty flowers! Congrats Meg..2 matron of honor positions in one year!