Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey There,

I may have bragged on James already BUT here I go again.... He is such a wonderful Father to Adalie! He is so involved with her care it is adorable. I know this is how all Dad's SHOULD be but this is not always the case. I feel so blessed to have been given this wonderful man as my Husband and the Father of our Daughter.

As for Adalie, she had a check up yesterday and she weighed 5 pounds 5 ounces. Dr. Sykes was a bit concerned that she is not gaining weight quickly enough so they did blood work to check everything out. The lab results came back all clear. The doctor has instructed us to feed her every 3 hours, even at night and to feed her 2 oz. of formula after every feeding. Hopefully when we go back to the office on Thursday she will have had a nice jump in weight from the extra calories.

Enjoy Your Weekend,



Marmie said...

I love the sweet picture of Daddy and daughter! She's so peaceful all wrapped up in Daddy's arms. How are the extra feedings going? Can't wait to see you two in 8 days (but who's counting, LOL).

The Akins' Family said...

They are so sweet together! Don't you just love them?? :) I hope she gains her weight soon, but it sounds like she is doing good other than that!

Marmi said...

Meggie I love the news pics,love seeing the a-10 and I love the music. Are you packed yet??? We're all waiting for our little Pricess Baby.


Nope haven't packed yet, today is laundry day tomorrow is packing day.... ugh.

Liz (whippetmom) said...

Sorry I missed seeing you at Bible study- we went to the beach, and it looks like you guys are off for a visit home this week! Sounds like Adalie is doing great, I'm sure she'll start gaining soon with all the extra food! I bet that's rough- and if you guys need anything, please please let me know!!!

Aunt Mattie said...

get you booty down here. i have never wanted to see you so bad in my lifee!! and bring that cute little bug with youu :) kisses from florida

ClaireWilliams said...

The Williams-Kerr household misses Adalie SO much already (and you of course). The three of us were in a little "funk" after you two left. I had such a great time in MS. AND in Jacksonville-Matt, Jacquie and I all admited that the house was much more fun with your little 6 lbs of cuteness. Oh! and by the way-I wasn't trying to copy your blog identically-I mean mine will have a little baby on it soon BUT I realized there were ppl in chicago etc. who hadn't seen the house and then later I was on yours and realized the extreme similarity!!! hahaha-LOVE YOU
Thanks for the great week-see you FOR SURE before you two head back!!!