Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OK, OK! Here's a few more....


Marmie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm so happy to see the little Princess Baby. She's already changing-she looks "older" in the face. Still so beautiful and precious. I miss that baby child!
Love you three-Marmie

Liz said...

Very cute pictures of Adalie. She does look a little bigger too!Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

Aunt mattie said...

Shes a little beautiful chicken:) she's still sooo tiny. Feed that girl some pizza and ice cream :) can't wait to see you guys, time is passing soo slow!!!! I love you guys and she is just so beatiful. Hate to tell you that you prob won't be holding her when you get here!!!
Ps I just did all this typing on my cell phone! Are you amazed? Love you sis

Anonymous said...

greatgrans says,
thank you, dear meghan, for this new posting of our beautiful Adalie.
Please post a new picture of you and james, post pregnantcy.
She really is a little darlson, looks so much like her proud dad.
we can hardly wait to hold our little adalie.
We love you all,