Monday, June 30, 2008

Claire's Trip To See Baby Addie

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to report our 5 pound wonder, Adalie, is now a 6 pound wonder! She is growing like crazy these days, the formula supplement is doing it's job. My dear friend Claire came to Mississippi to meet Adalie last week and then drove back down to Florida with us. I am so thankful for her help on the drive down, it's not easy stopping to take Jack to the bathroom, feed the baby, feed yourself, go to the bathroom, pump gas and drive a long distance alone. THANKS CLAIRE for coming!! Here are some pictures from our time together.....

More To Come,



ClaireWilliams said...

I had the best time-it was a blast! There's nothing more fun than just laying around and spending time with ppl you love! I wish I could have seen James a little more-but it was amazing to have you and Adalie to myself!! You can bet we'll be making a trip out to AZ. with Jack as soon as we can!!!!

whippetmom said...

You've been a busy little blogger lately!! I love all the pictures of Adalie and I'm glad she's getting bigger- we've been praying about it for y'all :) I agree- I don't think James will recognize her-and hopefully she'll have smiles and maybe even a laugh ready for him :)