Monday, June 2, 2008


Hi There,

Well, our little Adalie is now 13 days old and the time has flown by. Her little cord stump fell off yesterday and it looks like she may have an "outie" but we will have to wait till the belly button fully heals till we know for sure. We took her to the pediatrician on Friday for her 10 day check up and the Doctor said she is very healthy. She has regained 3 oz that she lost in the hospital which puts her at 4lbs 14oz. The Doctor wants us to stop by later this week to check her weight again, they like to see babies up to their birth weight by 2 weeks.

Addie is a great baby so far! She only cries when she is hungry and sleeps about 20 hours a day. We are averaging about three feedings during the night and early morning usually at 10pm, 3am and 7am then she goes back to sleep. She is staying asleep between 4-6 hours at night and about 2-4 during the day.

I am feeling back to normal now, the soreness is gone. I am ready to get back in the gym but I was advised to not work out for six weeks. I am going to see if I can get this restriction lifted by my Doctor at 3 weeks post baby since I am feeling fine. I have lost 12.5 of the 14 pounds I gained which makes me feel better but I still have a ways to go to get back into shape which will only happen with some sweaty gym sessions.

Enjoy the new Adalie pictures,



Aunt Lillian said...

Aww the pics are adorable and Meg you are looking GREAT! I can't wait till you bring that little one down to FL so I can finally see her! :)
Love you guys!

Aunt mattie said...

meghan you do look really good :) i loveyou all and cant wait to see you soon!! hope everything continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Meggie, James, Adalie, and Lisa,
I love all the pictures. All of you look great and I can hardly wait to see you!
Meghan, you are looking so good, but please do not rush the gym. It really does take six weeks for your insides to heal properly. If you do not listen to the doctor, you will pay for it down the road with difficulties you did bargin for.
I love you all.
Snuggle and kiss sweet Adalie for me.

Liz said...

Great new pics!! But I second Greatgran :) Try to take it slow, you might feel great but your insides need those six weeks to get back to normal!! You look fantastic for sure though!! Give little Adalie a kiss from us...can't wait to see her again!

Anonymous said...

Okay you two...I've only been gone 1 day and you guys are not following my instructions! Where are the new blog pictures and info? I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Miss all three of you, Love you so much-Marmie

Lacy Carroll said...

You are ambitious! I milked every one of those six weeks as an opportunity to not feel guilty about not working out. :) You look great and Adalie is perfectly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do we need to hire you a personal blogger-updater!!??!?!

Lindsey Burke said...

I agree with everyone else, more pictures please! It's like Adalie mania!

Marmie said...

Everyday we check...several times a day, we check. We keep patiently waiting and waiting and waiting...and still no ADALIE. Were is my little Princess Baby? I MISS HER!!!


ClaireWilliams said...

I had to log on to see her!!! I miss her little sweet face! Can't wait till we see you two again on this trip!