Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hey Everyone,

I always heard you will be tired when pregnant but I never imagined I could be this exhausted! I have been averaging a 2-4 hour nap daily for the past week and still getting into bed early between 9:30-10pm. Most of you know this is out of character for me as I am usually a night owl. I have read you get your energy back around the 12th week, let's hope this is true otherwise one of the two jobs I am working will have to go. Poor James has even been neglected, with all the extra sleep I need home cooked meals and laundry have not been getting done. Love to you!

More To Come,


Anonymous said...

Meghan, you are so sleepy, can't wait to see you at thanksgiving and talk to my grand baby throught your tummy. I hope you find your energy soon and I am so happy for you and James.


The Andrews said...

Cousin!! I loove the blog, it is such a good idea. I will be checking it frequently. I want to talk to you in person about this wonderful news. I am so excited for you guys.


P.S. Jackson and I have a blog too!

FutureStepGrandfather said...

Wow! A little one on the way already! Both Dorie and I wish you the best. We hope to be up to see you soon...hopefully before the Christmas holidays.

As for names...I know Dorie is looking to submit more traditional names (most likely sticking with names for little girls), but I like to think outside the box...
Here are some possibilities for your little BOY:

Since he'll be a chip off the ol' Darlson block: Harwood Douglas Darlson or Brentwood Andreas Dalson (BAD).

Coming from a military family, something like this might be fun:
Ranger Richarde Darlson (although he could end up with a "RangerRick" nickname).

And as the son of an Air Force pilot: Lander Safer Darlson.

Or something more sophistacted: Richard Onslow Darlson (Possible teenage nickname: "ReCon" Darlson).

I know none of these will make your top ten, but it was fun playing.

Take care,


greatgrandseddings said...

hi meggie pie and james, what a great idea this site is. yes, sleepiness is part of pregnacy, especially the first three months and then you should regain your energy. we are still basking in the thrill of becoming great grandparents! we love you and are praying for the three of you.

MeghanDarlson said...


I love the name Harwood but James would NEVER go for it! The only name combos we both like are Patrick Mac and Claire Cavanaugh those are the top choice as of now but we have awhile to think about it..... I love the creative input.


ClaireWilliams said...

I'm so excited for you two!!! I can't wait to meet that beautiful baby! AND I can't wait for your big belly at my wedding! That is going to be too cute! I miss you both!

Love, chw

Beth Nash said...

Meghan and James, how wonderful! There is nothing more exciting in this world than God blessing us with new life! Dale and I will keep you in our prayers. I recently saw a 4D ultrasound of another mother-to-be. It is so incredible - that little person is inside you!

It's okay to sleep!!!!