Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hello blog readers,

This post is especially for my cousin Michelle in Japan who wants to know all about what Adalie is doing now. This includes eating, walking, crawling, talking, hair, teeth, etc. she basically wants a post on everything so here we go....

Adalie's typical feeding/sleeping/play schedule @8months old, written from her perspective:

7:30am - Wake Mommy up with happy noises and giggles from my crib, get my wet diaper changed, drink 4-6oz formula and then I get to play in my exersaucer while Mommy drinks her coffee and watches the news

8:45- I am hungry again so Mommy makes me 3oz of whole wheat rice cereal mixed w/fruit

10am- I am sleepy. I think I will nap for 1 1/2 to 2 hours

12pm- I am ready to eat 4-6oz and play play play. This includes Mommy reading to me, a ride in my jogging stroller, Baby Einstein videos, swinging, tummy time (which I hate), stacking blocks, and playing with other fun electronic toys that annoy my Mommy when all the noises are going at one time.

2pm- Hungry again! I usually get another 3oz of rice cereal mixed w/ a veggie.

3pm- I am exhausted from playing. I think I will cuddle up with my lovey (a pink blanket) and sleep for 2 hours or so.

5pm- I am up and drink another 4 oz of formula. Then I usually go the Y with my parents and stay in the nursery while they work out. I love the nice ladies and I really enjoy watching the big kids play.

7pm- I get my last solid meal of the day! Usually a veggie or meat mixed w/ rice cereal and formula.

7:30pm - Time for me to get ready for bed. Some nights I get a bath, other nights I don't need one so we read books and listen to calming music.

8pm- Lights are off, music is on and I am tucked into bed. Tomorrow I get to wake up and do it all again!

New things I am doing:

Holding my bottle, sitting up on my own very well, scooting BACKWARDS on my tummy. Waving hi and bye. Saying, ba-ba, ma-ma and da-da.

Things I am not doing yet:

I still am not crawling. I still don't have teeth or enough hair for a bow.

New pictures to come SOON!


Grams said...

I love all the info. Michelle isn't alone wanting to know all the details. We miss her and wonder what she is doing! Thank you!

Aunt Lillian said...

I love this post! So adorable. Addie has such a busy day every day and only at 8 months! Haha love you all

Mallory said...

I love getting a glimpse into your day and look forward to the schedule of an 8 month old! Great post!

Lisa said...

I'm thrilled to read Addie's diary! Can't wait to see pictures of our Princess Baby. Meg, check out the TIME on Lily's's a school day!! The iphone is soo amazing! Is James still loving his?

Liz said...

Aww...I miss the sweet times like those...I'll have to write a day in Gavin's life! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!
Thank you!!!!! It's so cute to hear what she's doing! : ) Sounds like she has a pretty full/fun schedule! I can't wait to see new pictures... I'm sending her a little something in the mail today!

Aunt Lillian said...

For the record, yes it was a school day, but I was on a bus headed to a field trip. So HA!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could do a Marathon Training post?! Good for you! You're quite the woman! How's it going!? What are you doing for training!? How does Addie like running with mom!? (maybe she'll be a track star!? lol) Do you have any pictures!? : )