Monday, August 4, 2008

New Editions For The Nursery

Another weekend has flown by..... time surely does march on. Is it seriously August, is Adalie really already 2 and a half months old. WOW!!

I ventured to KMART on Saturday out of sheer boredom (James was out of town for a golf outing) in hopes of finding a stimulating toy or two for Adalie. For those of you with children will understand there is not much you can do with a 2 month old, yet we (us mothers) still feel the need to educate them through sight, sound and textures. SO, I found a "play gym" that has toys on a bar for Adalie to look up at and bat with her hands and feet. You can also move the toys onto the mat for "tummy time" so she will work the muscles she needs to crawl with. Amazingly she took to this contraption right away, she loves it! She stares at the toys especially the lions face and in a very uncoordinated attempt bats at them with her tiny hands. It is adorable to watch and keeps her occupied long enough for me to get a couple things done here and there.

Another new edition to the nursery is the big rug on the floor. Isn't it adorable. It's a Pottery Barn Kids find, I waited for it to go on sale and got it for 100.00 dollars off, woo hooo!

Enjoy the pictures,



Michelle said...

I love the new rug and new pictures of Adalie! I can't believe how big she's gotten!
Judd has a court next monday so this next weekend is out but we're still trying to pick a weekend that would be good to come! I'll keep you posted!

Grams said...

How clever of you with both the toys and the rug sale! You're such a good mother. Loved the rug! Adalie is adorable and soooo much bigger than just a week ago.

Liz said...

Adalie looks adorable on her new toys- aren't those things wonderful? You need to jumperoo too once she's older...that gave me 15-20 minutes to get things done because Gavin loved it so much!! Thought of you guys this morning when we saw several A-10s taking off. Didn't know they had some here! Take care :)

aunt mattie said...

omggg!!! she is getting so big, and not even in the fat way. look how long she is getting!! she looks different since new york! you and james made the prettiest girl ever! how will i keep up one day. give her a famous aunt mattie kiss! loveyouu so much

Anonymous said...

Sweet Adalie is amazing! I love her new rug and toys. Good for you. You are a special mother.
Love to all of you.