Friday, August 22, 2008

Heading to the Mountains!

We are headed to the mountains till Wednesday! My Grandparents have a beautiful home in the Maggie Valley area. I have been going there almost every summer and sometimes in the fall since I was a child. I have so many wonderful memories of my visits to the "mountain house".

Some of my favorites are going to the Maggie Valley Country Store and buying fudge, putt putt golf, one time my Grandmother got 8 holes in one IN A ROW! Playing with my cousins, we set up a fort in the back yard and played for hours...... I don't remember what we were playing exactly. Riding down to slope in the back yard on my Grandmothers gardening seat was always a great time. Going for walks and picking daisy's and picking apples.

Eating at Butts on a Creek, Wildfire, Amman's Drive In, and that amazing breakfast place, YUM! GHOST TOWN! That was such a cool place to go. It was an amusement park set in the time of the old west and you had to ride chair lift to get to it on top of the mountain. Laying on the hammock for hours reading and enjoying the cool mountain air. HOURS of playing skip-bo, Rummikub and Racko. Grandmothers sandwiches, cakes, homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.

I really could go on and on about the wonderful memories and why I look forward to going back every year but you get the picture. I will tell you how excited I am to take Adalie to Maggie for the first time. I hope it is a place she will grow up to love and look forward to visiting just as I did.

Pictures to Come,


Grams said...

Ahhh, How sweet. I love all your memories. They are wonderful for me, too. We will be eagerly awaiting your arrival tomorrow! We love you! Grams and Papa

Anonymous said...

I am living in Henderson, NV and Tucson is only 8 hours away--we have dear friends there. Let me know when you move and I will make a road trip to see you and the family

Your cousin Jodi