Monday, December 10, 2007

House Pics!

Hey There,

Ok, so for months people have been asking to see pictures of our house. I am sorry I have been neglecting you! We undertook a major home improvement project with the help of James classmate Brian.Thanks again Brian!! The boys tore down the wall between the living room/dining room and kitchen. IT LOOKS AMAZING, it really opens the main floor up. Here are the results and some pictures of the outside. ENJOY!

Meghan and James


The Andrews said...

It looks gorgeous! I love it. The curtains are beautiful and I love the open floor plan.

Teri and Joe said...

Wow! It really does open it up in there! That looks really nice! I like the new layout with your couches too!

Grams said...

Fabulous! I can't believe you got that wall out, painted and everything put back already!
Room arrangement is great. Love the picture over the sofa and seeing Jack made me miss Heidi.

aunt mattie said...

im sooo excited you have no idea!! i love the house it looks soo nice!!