Monday, December 10, 2007

14.5 week Belly shot 105 LBS

Hi All,

"Oh my gosh, I really am pregnant"! That was my first thought after seeing these pictures of myself tonight. All of the books I am reading say I should really start growing between 14 and 20 weeks. Boy oh boy, I didn't know how much I have grown till seeing these. I can't wait to see you all who are in Florida VERY SOON! We will be in the state from December 21st through January 1st. Love to you all.

More to Come,



Daddy Mac said...

Wow Meghan, your little belly isn't so little anymore! I love how the house turned out removing the wall. Really looks great and so open. Can't wait to see you in FL and I so proud of you and James.

The Andrews said...

You are definitely growing :) You look cute!

Anonymous said...

dear meggie pie and james,
we are thrilled to see our baby growing! you are beautiful, Meggie.
james, i am so proud of you and bryan! you have done a beautiful job opening up your rooms. it is just lovely and very tastefully decorated. jack is looking good too. Did i see a cat under the dining room table? can hardly wait to see you. greatgramseddings

aunt lily said...

The house looks amazing and you really are getting so big! It's amazing to see! I bet when i see you for christmas you'll be even bigger! love you & james & you better start returning my text messages cause i sent you one today!

aunt mattie said...

Oh my goodness!! lol you are getting a big belly so fast since i just saw you! but you still look so good. i hope ill be as lucky as you! love you and james