Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun Days in Tucson

I love my pool time with Daddy
Do you like my new floaty and bathing suit?
Mommy takes me to playdates all over Tucson.

I meet new friends and get to play with new toys

Can you see my teeth? I have 5 now!


Aunt Lillian said...

OMG! I love these pics. Addie is growing up so much! And I can't believe she has all those teeth! wow. Can't wait to see you guys

Anonymous said...

Look at all her teeth!!!!!! She's growing too fast! make her stop!!!! : )

kyle & Amelia said...

Aww - she's adorable! It looks like you guys are really enjoying tucson!

Grams said...

What fun! She looks so "old"! I can just picture her walking. Can't wait for THAT video! Love to all of you.