Friday, March 6, 2009

9 month UPDATE!

We have a full blown crawler on our hands! Frontwards and backwards! She is weighing in at 17 pounds and 26.5 inches long. She is growing up SO FAST. I told her today she better stop growing because I miss my baby.... she really is turning into quite the "big girl" even at the young age of 9 months. WARNING TO MOTHERS OF INFANTS: IT GOES BY WAY TOO FAST! Don't blink.


Alexandra's Mommy said...

SO TRUE . . my daughter is turning 2 a month from today and i am going crazy! 2 years old it just doesnt seem real!

How fun to have her crawling!

Michelle said...

OH YAY!!!! 2 new posts!!!!! It did the same thing here.. blooms then snow.. weird! I'm so jealous you guys will be somewhere warm soon!! : )
Little Addie is going to be such a knockout when she gets older! She has the most beautiful smile!
Love Love Love the posts! Keep them coming!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! : )

Grams said...

Oh, my. She is changing sooo much. I know you miss your baby. I wish they would stay babies longer, too. But, she will be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures of sweet Adalie. The spring flowers are beautiful and so is the snow. Kisses and love to you Addie and James. Special love to you, Meghan, tomorrow- YOUR BIRTHDAY. Have a happy, blessed DAY ordered just for you.
We love you,
Granddad and grandmother

Aunt Lillian said...

In the third picture down I think Addie looks so much like your baby pictures! :)

ClaireWilliams said...

WOW!!!! She looks so much older than when I just saw her in January!!! So beautiful!! I'm starting to see way more of a mix between Meg and James! Oh and one more thing the first pic of you guys on the blog in front of the house is gorgeous...however you three could be models for a brinks ad. haha love you so much xoxo

ClaireWilliams said...

opps I meant to say ADT haha. Love you. And keep the gorgeous pics of that magnificent girl coming!