Monday, April 14, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you all some important dates coming up for James and I. Here is our schedule for the next few months. We are still waiting on dates for James IFF training which is an 8 week course taught here in Columbus and his start date for A-10 training in Tucson, AZ. We have been told that IFF will start sometime in October and we should move out to Tucson sometime in the November - January time range. We will keep you updated!

Meghan and James

April 14- 16 - James will be in New Mexico to train in the Centrifuge.

April 25 -May 4 - We will both be in Florida for a baby shower Grandma Eddings is giving us and Claire and Matt's wedding. We will be splitting our time between Titusville and Stuart.

May 12- 16 - James will be in Pensacola, FL. for water survival training.

June 5 - Adalie is due to make her grand entrance!!!

June 26- July 19 - James will be in Washington State for land survival training. I will be making a trip home to Florida with Adalie during this time.

July 25- 28 - James, Adalie and I will be taking a trip to NYC for Grandmother and Papa McCotter's 50th wedding anniversary celebration!


Mudd said...

yay! i'll be in titusville the same time in June!!!!!! : )
Water survival training?! I don't think I even want to know what that is!!!! : ) can't wait to see you girls!!! Everything sounds so exciting!!!

ps.. since James will be gone a few times I think you should fill your days updating the blog with growing BELLY SHOTS!!!!!!!!! : ) hahahha

MeghanDarlson said...

Keep scrolling down I just put a 31 week belly shot on the blog.